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Commercial real estate solution

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    Widely used in hotel banquets, KTV, bars, wedding ceremonies, shopping malls, financial venues, securities markets, airports, subways, etc.

Demand analysis

With the development of social science and technology, people's requirements for viewing have also increased. The effect of traditional humdrum advertisements cannot meet the demands of audience’ enjoyment. LED display screen can provide a unique advertising effect, attracting more target audience. With the benefit of led display technology, you can update your business strategy at any time, only need to link to the Internet.
With high refresh and high grayscale technology, Jinhe Optoelectronics makes the LED display screen more realistic. And it’s of ability to change the latest content uninterruptedly the whole day to meet the commercial visual quality requirements.

Features of the Solution

1.Front maintenance p3,p4,p5 led display screen, low demands for maintenance space, thickness within14cm
2.Diverse design to add elements of dynamic and fun for your hotel or bar
3. Multiple signal synchronization processing system, supports live display, slow-motion playback, lens close-up, etc.
4. Noiseless, low power consumption, long lifetime
5. Jinhe Optoelectronics' LED display for hotel applications not only has excellent visual effects, but also is light, thin, easy to install and convenient to maintain. 6. With high stability, and reliability, it ensures smooth meetings and performances

System Framework