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Jinhe attended Amsterdam ISE 2019 Show

2019-02-15 15744

Jinhe attended Amsterdam ISE 2019 Show

Jinhe is very pleased with the success of the Amsterdam ISE 2019 held on Feb.5th to 8th

2019. Henry Zheng--CEO with other 3 teams from international trading dept and technical 

dept. Were present to represent Jinhe. ISE 2019 is one of the most prestigious worldwide

Integrated System Show in Europe, in attendance were many well-known Audio-Video

System Designers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesales and components suppliersetc.,


The booth at the Show generated a lot of potential clients and interests for Jinhe and it

was a great opportunity for Jinhe to meet new clients and rekindle old relationships.

The perfect ending is that most of our Show products were sold to French Gents and we

are looking forward to a long partnership with you and your team !

We would like to thank our team’s efforts and professional support from Show Organizer

in setting up this years’ Show, please visit us again in 2020.


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