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Gymnasium solution

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    Widely used in basketball, football, swimming, skating, track and field running, table tennis, fighting and other sports events

Demand Analysis

The stadiums Led Display Screen, adopting SMD 3in1 technology, plays sport live events in real time. And the virtual pixel technology makes the screen display more delicate and realistic. The distinguishing function of software realizes split-screen displaying in one whole screen. It is able to display image, text, and match score in real time synchronously.
According to the requirements of stadiums, Jinhe Optoelectronics provides high-quality LED displays for various match events, mainly for commercial advertisement, highlights, slow-motion playback, close-up, etc. The perfect display effect not only enhances the brand image of the sport events’ sponsors and organizers, but also conveys information of the events,as well as ensuring every audience immersed in the live competitive atmosphere.

Features of the Solution

1. 1.Realize the conversion of VGA and video signal, overlay of image and text through title generator.
2. The cabinet is designed with a unique adjustable tilt angle. Our stadium screen is able to be adjusted the tilt angle (75°~90°) of the cabinet according to different requirements, so that all the audience can see the displaying content.
3. Slow-motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make a correct verdict, maintaining fairness and justness in the games and reducing unnecessary conflicts.
4. The stadium screen is adopted a soft mask and covered soft material upside, which not only protects the LED lights but also avoids damage caused by drastic knocking.
5. The application of high-efficiency optical transmission system effectively reduces the signal delay caused by long distance transmission on the football ground , ensuring consistent display images. 6. Dual network cable hot backup function, using two computers to control at the same time, another computer can automatically take over quickly to ensure the display to work normally when something is wrong with one computer. 7. 7.With high waterproof rate IP65, it can keep working even on rainy days

System structure diagram